1. Suvrat Anand

    Suvrat Anand

    A designer who does Mens & Womens ethinic / western clothing / bridal / suites etc..... with amazing experience at K-Launge, Donear and taking experience under NarendarKumar Ahamed. Some expert comments are :- Metro Newspaper- "It might not be pouring, but its raining discounts in the suburb. A walk across Mulund to Powai and you can't help but notice the bright signs and banners that announce some fantastic sale or offer unbelievable discounts. Anita Iyer takes Suvrat Anand, a fashion desginer and a Yogi Hill resident, to five such monsoon sales." Elle Magazine - "Hundreds, auditioned with starts in their eyes, but only eight designers and 16 models made it to the nine-episode fashion beauty series,'NUON MTV MAKING THE CUT' separating the best from the rest."